Get Ready to Binge On a New Series On The Auto Industry
Boeing Criminally Charged And Fined $2.5 Billion For Lying About 737 Max Crashes
Carnival’s Cruise Ship Will Blow Your Mind- It Has a Roller Coaster!
A Recap Of Last Year’s Mini Pack Drive

Mercedes SL 500 Vs Jet ski at Lekki Lagoon

FO & Bami battle along the Lekki Lagoon. FO racing long in a Mercedes SL 500 vs Bami on Yamaha VX Sport jet Ski

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Drive an Audi A6 or a VW CC?

Femi takes the Audi A6 for a spin while David tests the VW Passat. They both agree both cars are not in the same class but some amazing discoveries were made about both cars and how it fits different types of people

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Our 135 Million Naira Brabus Experience!

Tag along with FO & Richard in the Brabus GL700 and a G700! Let’s see what the hype is about.

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Mustang 5.0 GT vs Dodge Challenger SRT – The Rematch!

Everyone wanted an American Muscle rematch, so we got an SRT to pit against the Mustang …. this is the epic race you have been waiting for!

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