10 Cars We Can’t Wait To See This Year

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It’s 2020! New year resolutions in the air and also lots of new cars waiting to get on the production lines and empty our pockets or occupy some dreams.

With the electric revolution gathering some serious steam in a bid to rid the planet of those toxic gases, expect a lot of EVs, hybrids and hydrogen-powered cars. We’ve already gotten a taste of what the future looks like with some amazing cars from the CES ( Consumer Electronics Show ) that took place a few days ago in Las Vegas.

Over a thousand cars will be released from all over the world and we cannot go through all of them, but we have some pending cars that got us all excited, check themT out.

Rivian Truck.

Rivian truck

Forget about the Tesla Cybertruck for a minute, this the true electric truck thanks to its dimensions and usability. Truck owners will find the transition from a Ford F-150 seamless. What makes us so excited is the features it packs, from the smart use of body panels for storage space to its ability to make a 360-degree tank turn to having Alexa onboard.

Aston Martin DBX.

Aston Martin DBX

The SUV race keeps heating up every day with people wanting to drive high riding vehicles with a smidge of offroad capability. It’s so wild, even Rolls-Royce got in on the fun with the Cullinan…now Aston Martin wants a piece of the cake and they’re grabbing in resounding fashion with the DBX.

It’ll be using Mercedes Benz’s 4.0L V8 capable of 542hp and 512lb-ft of torque. Healthy numbers and boy do they have to be as this ultra-luxury British SUV with a German heart will be going for almost $200,000.

It will be going on sale in May.


2020 BMW M3

Since its inception in 1985, the M3 has become the benchmark for the performance sedan with the perfect blend of power and handling.

The current generation F80 sedan has been around since 2014 with a few design updates, 6 years is a pretty long time for a production cycle. Thankfully the Bavarians know this and there is a new M3 in the works already, it’s been dubbed the ‘G80’. Expect an official unveiling sometime in the second quarter.

Lamborghini Urus Performante.

Lamborghini Urus Performante.

Because the standard Lamborghini Urus isn’t fast enough. Maurizio Reggiani, the Italian brand’s chief technical director has hinted at a more powerful version in the works. I feel they want to take the crown of the fastest SUV in the world, let’s wait and see.

Land Rover Road Rover.

land rover road rover
Render by Motor1

There have several rumours out there about Land Rover finally releasing a sedan with several teasers gracing our screens over the years.

land rover road rover

Now sources say the Road Rover will bound for production and it will be the companies “Most road-focused model yet”. Don’t get your hopes up though, the Road Rover might be a buff soft roading estate car or a flagship like electric EV based on the Jaguar XJL.

Mazda RX-9.

Mazda RX 9

JDM fans where you at?! Finally, Mazda has decided to bring back the RX name…it’s been too long and it will have the Rotary engine like the past RX models.

This is great news for all JDM fanatics and car enthusiasts alike.

Mercedes Benz GLS Maybach.

Mercedes Benz GLS Maybach.

Now Cullinan just got some serious competition with the arrival of the Maybach GLS. The standard Mercedes GLS is already on sale but the ultra-luxury Maybach version is still in the works and will be officially unveiled soon.

Being a Maybach, expect the best of the best. Oh, and it might house a V12 underneath!

Tesla Roadster.

Tesla Roadster.

The long wait will be over this year with the Roadster due for its production release later this year. Remember those crazy figures? 0 to 100kph in 1.9seconds and a 600-mile (965km) range, now the wait will be over very soon!

Judging from the success of the Tesla Model 3, the Roadster might just be another world-changing success.

Nissan Z.

Nissan Z.
Nissan 370Z test mule spotted at the Nurburgring.

The Nissan 370Z has been around for over 8 years, totally due for a replacement with the current Fairlady being grossly outdated compared to its rivals.

Thankfully, it seems Nissan has been listening and a Nissan Z will most likely be unveiled later in the year.

Hyundai i10.

2020 Hyundai i10.

The Subcompact hatchback from Hyundai is really making a huge comeback this year with a bolder look and several features that take ahead of other cars in its class.

If the rumors are true, then the i10 will disrupt the budget subcompact car segment!


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Written by Tunde Oyeyode