1000HP off the shelf!

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Yup, you read right! You can order a 1000hp engine like you’re ordering for a new watch on jumia. Major price difference though, this engine costs around $30k…….yes the same price for a brand new Toyota Camry.

Toyota camry xse

The guys at Mopar, the crazy American nutters that they’re, took a trip down memory lane and decided to bring back one of their most iconic engines from the late ’60s. A 426 Hemi nicknamed the “Hellephant” but this time, the modern engine is producing a hellotta power, hellot! 1000hp to be precise…….that’s the power of 4 and a half Volkswagen Golfs packed into one massive 7.0L supercharged V8!

Volkswagen golf gti

Watch out for sleepers on the roads ooo, don’t do oversabi and say you want to disgrace that old Dodge Neon.

Dodge neon

Before you start having any big ideas, the engine has been sold out……

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Written by Tunde Oyeyode