3 Awesome Cars Made In Africa

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In terms of cars, Africa is still far off the pace next to the other continents like Europe, Asia, and the Americas. That doesn’t mean some awesome cars have not come out of our companies.

Forget the fresh manufacturers like Innoson in Nigeria and Katanka in Ghana or those one-off kit cars with mysterious origins and parts.

In this article, i will show you some awesome cars that you definitely didn’t know came from the shores of Africa.


LARAKI FULGURA in front of a lake

Unveiled at the Geneva Autoshow in 2002 by Moroccan company “Laraki Automobiles”. The car was based on the Legendary Lamborghini Diablo and it’s powered by a quad-turbo Mercedes-Benz 6.0L V12 that produced around 730hp.

The Supercar is capable of doing 0 to 100kph in under 4 seconds and a top speed of about 350kph!

picture of the back of a LARAKI FULGURA in motion.

These days, the company makes only high end, super expensive cars with their latest vehicle “The Epitome” which boasts of a 2million dollar price tag and 9 models expected to be produced.


PERANA Z-ONE in a show room

Birthed in South Africa by the Perana Performance group in collaboration with Italian coachbuilder ‘Zagato‘ in 2009, you’d be forgiven for assuming this car came from Italy….maybe a one-off Maserati grand tourer.

Asides the Italian body work, under the hood of this beauty, lies a full blooded American sports car icon…the C6 Corvette.

PERANA Z-ONE with a mountainous backdrop

A sub 5 second 0 to 100kph time and a top speed of about 297kph makes this car one obscure mile eater. Sadly only 10 cars were made for production and you can get yourself one for a cool $125k.


SAROUKH EL-JAMAHIRIYA in a showroom with people checking it out.

The Libyan rocket! At 17 feet long and over 6 feet wide, this car was filled a bundle of features that would have been applicable in the real world.

It had an electronic defense system, the ability to go hundreds of miles on a flat tire ( a useful feature in the Libyan desert), a device that cuts of the fuel supply in the case of an accident, and many more.

Looks like a Tank!

Under the hood was a simple but effective 3 liter V6 and inside the cabin, one would be welcomed with materials such as Marble and fabrics native to Libya…Gaddafi had high hopes for this car, sadly after his passing in 2011 ended its chances of ever entering full production.

There are other nice cars that have been made in Africa but most of them are either rebadged Chinese cars (which is not a bad thing), extensions of other car companies coming to Africa, or just poorly built kit cars (which is also not a bad thing).

Also, check out this Luxury Grand tourer from Lexus


146 Views 4.75 On 4 Ratings Rate it

Written by Tunde Oyeyode


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