5 Mindblowing Features on The New Sclass

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 A new generation of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class was revealed on Wednesday, loaded with a plethora new and revised features befitting of a flagship car.

The new S-class has an even larger interior, new safety equipment, and some futuristic features which we’ll dive into.

Augmented Reality

As if the standard screen and voice navigation setup on all modern day cars wasn’t enough, Mercedes decided to take it up a notch with some augmented reality guidance system that shows the name of the streets aswell which directions to turn into. All this helps to keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Pre – Safe Safety Feature

Pre - Safe Safety Feature on the Mercedes Benz Sclass
Pre – Safe safety feature working as it detects an incoming collision.

Mercedes Benz has always been at the fore front of vehicle safety, since as far back as the 80s with the invention of the “crumple zones” .

As if the older Sclass wasn’t already a foretress on wheels, this new one makes the older model look like Barcelona against Bayern Munich.

Rear airbags! Yes, asides the usual curtain airbags, Mercedes have added airbags for rear passengers in the long-wheelbase variants…it doesn’t end there, the Pre – safe impulse control doesn’t just brace you and the car for an incoming impact in the event of one, it also raises the ride height by slightly in less than 2 seconds so the oncoming vehicle hits the bottom of the car and not the passenger or drives door.

OLED Touchscreen

OLED touch screen on the new Sclass
OLED touch screen on the new Sclass

The new Sclass comes standard with a 12.8 inch OLED touchscreen, something reminiscent but better than that of the Tesla Model S.

The OLED screen means sharper graphics, deeper blacks, and more natural colors, all while consuming 30 percent less energy. Let’s not forget the MBUX system which acts like your own Siri or Google Assistant in the car, by just saying “Hey Mercedes” .

Oh, and the backseat passengers also get the OLED screens.

The Steering Wheel

2021 Sclass steering wheel
2021 Sclass steering wheel

The S-Class has a new generation of steering wheels with capacitive hands-off recognition thanks to a two-zone sensor pad in the steering wheel rim. The sensors on the front and back sides of the rim register whether the driver’s hands are on the wheel. No steering movement is necessary to inform the driving assistance systems that the driver has control.


Audio on the new Sclass

 The S-class sedan also has a standard Burmester 3D sound system like the predecessor, but a more powerful 1750 watt 31 speaker Burmester 4D stereo with built in vibrators in the seats and pillows.

With all these high-end features on the S-class, we’re sure it’s not gonna be cheap.

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Written by Tunde Oyeyode