5 reasons why Supercars cannot work in Nigeria……for now

Avatar Tunde Oyeyode | July 31, 2019 35 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

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We’ve all dreamt of owning supercars at some point in our lives, the feeling of being faster than everyone on the road, being able to get anywhere on time in comfort and luxury, the real touring experience. But can you enjoy it in Nigeria? Can you enjoy the full package in these Buhari times? No! Kolewerk! And we’ll tell you why.

You can’t do the Grandtour

Lamboghini Huracan

One of the biggest reasons why you’ll get a Supercar is for that long-distance interstate drive from Lagos to Abuja unless you just want to have it at home for staring tisk tisk tisk, you psychopath…sell that car!
The Roads are really bad, you might crack that high-performance track-ready rim, Lamborghini didn’t develop the Aventador with Benin-Ore expressway in mind (thinks in cracked rims and a shattered front splitter).

Terrible ride height

Aventador hitting road

If you think your sport sedan is too low then wake up from that dream of owning a supercar and if you own one, go back to sleep! The fact that you have to be consigned to special parts of the smooth road parts of town or not being able to skip states as you please is quite frustrating. The thought of driving a 600hp rocket tactically is a joy kill, those flappy paddles were meant for quick highspeed gear shifts, not midtown pothole roulette.

Unavailable parts and Difficult maintenance

Good luck searching for that Koenigsegg bumper in Ladipo

The fuel pump price in Nigeria going back to N65 is more likely to happen before you find a replacement bumper for your Koenigsegg Agera in Ladipo. You’ll be a few months older before that part gets shipped into the country after which you’ll be looking for a qualified mechanic to fix your Supercar because you don’t trust Kamoru who services your Camry.

Harsh ride comfort

No pillowy soft seat cushions. You must feel the road!

All supercars were designed for one thing and one thing only! Speed and cornering! oh that’s two, but you get the point. These cars are tuned for flat cornering which means race track-tuned suspensions with dampers better suited at Spa and not the cobbled roads of Adeola Odeku……you will be needing a spa treatment after a Sunday afternoon cruise.
Word on the street is that Mclarens are very comfortable, laughs in Buhari times.


Lagos traffic
A real nightmare

Nothing gets your blood pumping faster than seeing a reckless and clueless danfo bus perilously close to you in Lekki toll gate traffic. We’ve all seen videos of exotic cars being scratched by commercial vehicles, sometimes we wonder if these guys wake up in the morning with the aim of spoiling someone’s day.
With all these said, thread carefully, we have compiled a list of supercars that might just cut it on the Nigerian roads. Subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss it and follow us on Instagram and Twitter!

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Written by Tunde Oyeyode