5 Reasons You’re a Wannabe Car Enthusiast

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Car enthusiasts go by many names across the globe, petrolhead, gear head, car nut, car lover…but a majority of them are wannabes who just want to talk about cars without any understanding of them.

Talking about cars with a fellow car enthusiast over a cold drink is great, but it quickly goes down hill when the person obviously knows nothing about the brands.

In this article, I’ll list 5 reasons why you might be a wannabe car enthusiast and if you’re not, share this with someone who might be.

Failure to Understand a Brand’s Philosophy. 

Design philosophy with Mitsubishi

A lot of these guys are always quick to judge a car about its looks, interior bits and power output without trying find the rationale behind the car in the first place.

These are the guys that will talk trash about an entry-level car without thinking about its main purpose. Some cars might look weird and bland, but the designers made them like that for a purpose, there’s a reason why Tesla uses the giant center screen on their cars or why BMW decided to adopt a larger version of the kidney grille on the new 4 series.

Head of BMW design, Damagoj Dukec, talks about it here

Blue 2021 BMW 4 series.
2021 BMW 4 series – Source – Motor1

Put yourself in the mind of the brand and its designers before making a judgement.

All About Horsepower and Speed.

Bugatti Chiron doing a highspeed run.

If it has less than 300 horsepower and a top speed below 300kph then it’s not worth talking about or even buying.

It’s very obvious these guys have never driven or owned a car before, besides, its really hard to find a place to max an AMG or stretch the legs of an M car…Lagos traffic? The naive drivers on the road have other ideas.

Ask proper car enthusiasts, the most fun they’ve had driving is in less powerful sports cars…cars that aren’t always on the edge. A lot of people call the Toyota GT86 slow but most of them can’t handle a Dodge Challenger SRT.

Black Toyota GT 86 drifting.

The Toyota GT86 was made to be a perfect balance between speed and handling. I had more fun power sliding my 1998 Mercedes C280 around campus than I did trying to floor a rare 2016 S65 AMG…there’s this fear of things going wrong.

Even Jeremy Clarkson had some chills driving the Bugatti Chiron

Ask any Supercar owner what its like driving one. We did some research, check it out here.

You Love Drag Races and Burnouts Only.

C63 AMG doing burnout in front of a crowd of car enthusiasts.

Yes, drag races and burnouts are cool but it gets boring and they don’t really test the full potential of the cars and the driver’s abilities. Drag races are all about who has the most horsepower and low-end torque and burnouts are all about well, burning rubber and blinding everyone around you temporarily…the perfect getaway?

We’ve got Formula One, Indy car, Nascar, Rallys, and even long-distance road trips with the guys to really flex the car’s muscles but these guys just want drag races all day.

Only Recognize Popular Brands.

Orange Lamborghini huracan on a racetrack.

There are over 50 car brands in the world excluding tuning houses and the likes but these guy only recognize 10 and of those 10 brands, they only know 2 or 3 models.

Pininfarina Battista
Pininfarina Battista from Italian coach builder, Pininfarina.

I’m very sure they think all Porches are the same and the only Italian car brands in existence are Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati and Fiat.

Think Most Japanese Cars are Crap. 

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO final edition parked with a backdrop of the ocean.

If you don’t understand Japanese car brand philosophy, then you’ll never appreciate some of their hidden gems and greatest hits.

red 1999 Acura NSX Zanardi edition from the front with the pop up headlamps on.
The mid engined 1999 Acura NSX

At the mention of Japanese cars, these guys immediately mention the Corollas and Camrys…which are great everyday cars built with one purpose, to be affordable, easy to repair, and be great for the daily commute, that’s why we have many Corollas being used as Uber cars.

The Japanese car brands have always been the unsung heroes of the car community, offering affordable options to their Italian and German rivals. A Nissan GTR35 doesn’t come close to a Ferrari 458 Italia in terms of luxury and grandeur but in terms of performance, it can pose problems for its more expensive rivals.

Nissan GTR35 spitting fire at Monaco
Nissan GTR 35

Check out this video, see what the GTR is capable of doing.

And Japanese car culture is on another level of vibrant and weird!

The crazy world of Bosozoku, amongst others.

Not trying to jab anyone, but I feel people should try to understand car brands and the rationale behind every model. They were built by people too.

Also, check out these past car trends that would be awesome today.


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Written by Tunde Oyeyode