A Bentayga for the Apocalypse

Avatar Tunde Oyeyode | May 27, 2019 32 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

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Walking dead, World war Z, Resident Evil, the list goes on. There are enough movies to make one go paranoid, maybe not so scared that you prep your Bentley Bentayga for a not so imminent ZOMBIE apocalypse……well it seems like these Spanish guys are or they’re just plain crazy. 


Spanish design firm “Bengala” teamed up with a former offroad champion to engineer and design a Bentley Bentayga better suited for some rough stuff the Baha or a zombie apocalypse!

Apocalypse Bentayga

Upgrades include, a lift kit since most roads will be almost impassable, a massive metal bumper for bashing through hoards of the undead, led light bars for seeing through thick fogs and extended wheel arches to accommodate those massive chunky tires. 

Apocalypse Bentayga 2

Now you can run over Zombies in comfort and luxury

We’re exactly sure what’s lurking under the hood of this example but we’d prefer the hybrid V6 for that extra fuel economy in case the going gets really tough.  

Desert buggy or not, this might be the perfect vehicle for a zombie apocalypse. But we’ve gotta ask, what’s with this growing trend of people turning Bentleys into apocalypse vehicles? Remember the offroad continental?

Ps. There are only going to be 15 examples, so get ya wallets ready!


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Written by Tunde Oyeyode