A Dramatic goodbye to the Beetle

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Volkswagen is finally bidding farewell to its longest-running production car, the love-hate Beetle, Hitler’s monster, a great picnic car, a CLASSIC!

Call it what you want, the Beetle was the car a whole lot of you learnt how to drive in, with its manual transmission, massively underpowered engine and that odd drone specifically made by the Beetle……definitely can’t miss it!


After over 70 years in production, a controversially hateful beginning coupled with a potentially dreamy ending, VW has decided to give the Bug one last hurrah in the glorious Mille Miglia in Italy.


A 1000mile open road race that went on in the  30s and 40s……oh what a beautiful time. Only the big boy brands took part, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, BMW, Maserati and some others.

Thanks to Hitler and World war II, the race was cancelled but was reborn in the 70s  as a regularity race for classic and vintage cars.

Volkswagen decided to bring back replicas of a couple of their modified beetles that took part in the race back in the 50s.

Replicas of the historic Dapferle, Pretzel Beetle and Ovali Beetle which had parts sourced from a Porsche 356 with the latter using the engine.

Vw beeetle Dapferle

Got nostalgic feelings of being driven in your dads Beetle? Well, there’s a chance for you to get one Beetle final edition.

Ps. it costs around $23k……if it has modern tech on board like the David Brown Remastered Mini Cooper then sign me up!

Remastered Mini cooper db

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Written by Tunde Oyeyode