A Luxury Grandtourer From Lexus That You Should Consider

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At the mention of Luxury grand tourers, what comes to mind are the Continental GTs and Mercedes S class coupes…not the LC500 from Lexus which looks more like a spaceship next to its European rivals.

Yellow Lexus LC500

Maybe that’s why it’s the car of choice for the king of Wakanda. keen-eyed JDM enthusiasts would have seen an eery resemblance to the F1 sounding Lexus LFA from 2010.

Black Panther LC500

While the LFA was a neck-breaking street racer, the LC500 is more of a laid back grand tourer with a smooth V8 exhaust note to match. The guys from Top Gear proved this when they pitted it against the agile Honda Civic.

Under the hood, it houses a naturally aspirated V8 that generates around 470hp which is more than enough for this 2-tonne grand-touring Lexus coupe. There’s also a hybrid 295hp V6 version but I feel that kills the point of it being a true grand tourer.

A coupe with a big V8 up front, four seats, a big boot, and a rear-wheel drivetrain – these are the characteristics of a true continental grand tourer.

Lexus LC500 Engine

Exterior design-wise, the Lexus LC500 trumps its rivals hands down thanks to those bold and aggressive lines. The interior also matches the looks…something we can’t say about most Japanese cars.

A standard Lexus LC500 will set you back around $100,000 ( N40,000,000) excluding the expensive shipping fees into the Nigeria.

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Written by Tunde Oyeyode