A Proper Misuse of The Tesla Autopilot Feature

Avatar Catherine Aigbe | October 23, 2020 4 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

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This is not the first time there would be a proper misuse of the Tesla autopilot by these wannabe guys who dream of driving on autopilot one night and hit the road next morning which is a crazy act to be frank. YES, you want to kill yourself but at least be humane enough to think about others on the highway.

Autopilot isn’t self driving, recall? Also, truly, this is an account of two faulty individuals, the moron guy who pulled this crap and Tesla, the automaker that some way or another permits this poo to continue occurring (of course, this isn’t the first time, second…and probably won’t be the last).

Here’s the video, if you are wondering:

In this case, we have an attention seeking guy in his model X, which drives in the level 2 Autopilot mode. A mode, if in any way gets confounded or fail by, goodness, I do not have the foggiest idea, maybe some oil sprinkles on the camera, would need a human control promptly, for the fact that it lacks no controlled failover system- Autopilot is a glorified driver assist system, not fully an autonomous driving solution.

I guess I should make reference that, this might be an intricately executed video intended to simply cause it to appear as though he is doing an incredibly dumb thing forgetting the fact it is perilous to other motorists. Well, I suppose the automobile, Tesla didn’t see this coming (apologies!).

In this model, Autopilot can be disabled by a pressure sensor if the seat is unoccupied. Maybe it is not an actual sensor or just a simple on/off sensor. Well, a straightforward on/off sensor would be quite trifling to trick, if that be the case here. However, the guy did it, so it’s clearly possible to see something like this happen.

To reiterate (for the sake of readers who skipped that part, yes, you!), this is just in everyway dumb, autopilot wrecks do happen. It is brain dead to risk your life and others because of some clout chasing video, that is what it is. Honestly, seeing you horribly dance in the rain would be a better video to watch compared to this.

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Written by Catherine Aigbe