American Airlines Intends To Fly Boeing 737 Max Again

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Albeit a large number of airplanes have been stopped and packed because of the pandemic. At least one American airline that has been grounded for quite a while could make a rebound this year. Give it up for- The Boeing 737 Max!

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The Boeing 737 Max has been seized to fly and grounded worldwide since March 2019, following two crashes that killed 364 people due to a software overhaul (let’s not forget the cutting of corners for their selfish interests and putting people’s lives at risk).

boeing 737 max 8
Boeing 737 Max 8

In addition to the pandemic, the company has lost $5billion in the first half of the year. You might ask yourself why fly back an airline after two consecutive crashes and killing hundreds of people…I am wondering too.

Apparently, the return of the Boeing 737 Max remains “highly dependent” on the FAA’s recertification process. Well, before then, it would be flying one route between New York and Miami from December 29th to January 4th and booking of tickets would be opened on October 24th.

PS: Flight passengers would be informed that their flights will be on the Boeing 737 Max during booking. Hopefully, Passengers don’t get petrified by the thought of that (I would though, shhhhh!).

Once the airplane is certified, it would start flying to other routes. I suppose that the Boeing 737 Max has been proven to safety to fly again because why not? This time, not redesigned and repaired by clowns though.

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Written by Catherine Aigbe