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When it comes to things produced in Africa, people hardly ever think of vehicle production…maybe assembly plants but never the latter.

Over the past few years that narrative has been changing, with wonderous additions from Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and many more countries starting with.


Innoson G6 SUV  in front of assembly plant

If you’re reading this from Nigeria then, Innoson must be a very familiar name. Founded by Innocent Chukwuma Nwala, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing is the perfect definition of the Nigerian dream with cars designed specifically for Nigerian roads (which can be terrible in some areas).

The company has a growing fleet of economical cars in its fleet, from the spacious ‘Umu’ to the city cruiser’Fox’ and their latest compact; the ‘Carris‘.

IVM carris
The IVM Carris

Some of the car parts are sourced from China, Japan, and Germany with 70% produced locally.


Mobius II on rough terrain
Mobius II SUV

How about a barebones, rugged, reliable vehicle? This is what British entreprenuer, Joel Jackson, thought about in 2009. Something capable of tackling rough terrain over long distances.

Mobius Motors was born, with the Mobius I in 2014 at a starting price of $12,500 (same as a used 2012 Toyota 4Runner)

What the SUV lacks in modern-day luxury comforts, it has in rugged dependability. A Mobius II is already in the works and we can’t wait to see it.


Kiira Smack EV on the streets of Uganda
Kiira Smack EV

With massive grille capable of putting the BMW 7series to shame, the Kiira Smack EV is the first hybrid electric vehicle to be produced in Africa.

Incorporated by the government of Uganda and Makerere University to boost the domestic automotive industry for job creation and diversification of the economy, Kiira Motors Corporation has been pushing strides in the innovations department with modern day vehicle layouts and bold designs capable of getting more head turns than a Ferrari.


Kantanka SUVs
Kantanka SUVs

Katanka has been in the Ghanaian automotive business since the early 90s, starting out as an assembler and manufacturer of automotive parts. Fast forward to today and they now produce their own vehicles…asides a few rebadged models here and there.

Like the Otumfuo SUV which was made from scratch, asides a few outsourced components.


Wallycar izis at the beach
Wallyscar izis

If the original Willys Jeep had a modern-day reincarnation, it would be the WallysCar Izis. Founded in 2006, WallysCar cooperates with Peugeot using their 1.4L engines to power the Izis…be careful saying that name in public.

Wallyscar Iris in the desert
Wallyscar Iris

The company makes about 600 units per year with vehicles being sold in France, Panama, and Morocco. A newer model is also available, the ‘Iris’ (easier to pronounce in public) which looks like a facelift over its older Izis brother.

We’ve come a long way from assembling cars and making prototypes. The African automobile scene looks really promising and we can’t wait to see what the mainstream future looks like.

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63 Views 4 On 1 Rating Rate it

Written by Tunde Oyeyode