Electric Vehicles – Volkswagen Coming For Tesla

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The fight for the electric vehicle market heats up as Volkswagen releases a much more affordable version of its ID.3 electric car. When the 1st Edition ID.3 electric car was initially launched, the platform looked promising, but the price was too close to the Tesla Model 3.

Volkswagen id.3 and Tesla model 3

Now Volkswagen has announced a sub-£30,000 ($39,000) Life version of the ID.3, making it a much more tempting option over the already successful Tesla Model 3.

The ID.3 has been positioned for an easy and comfortable switch from your regular petrol-powered car to an electric one.

Volkswagen id.3 and the e-Golf on the road
Volkswagen id.3 and the e-Golf

The ID.3 will also feature autonomous technology more prominently than any current VW, with sensors all around the vehicle and multiple cameras. Volkswagen will showcase a new kind of ‘augmented reality’ head-up display, which presents navigation information about the world around you on the windscreen, including which street you need to turn down.

Volkswagen id.3 interior
Volkswagen id.3 interior

Once it’s been in production for five or so years, Volkswagen expects to roll out full ‘Level 5’ autonomy, which will allow the ID.3 to take its occupants from door to door with no driver input. Selecting autonomous mode could even see the car’s headlights feature dynamic patterns that can beckon other vehicles and pedestrians across its path.

The entry-level ID.3 will most likely push around 120bhp from its electric motor. Volkswagen will offer several different battery sizes, with the entry-level version using a 48kWh battery for a range of about 205 miles, the mid-range 58kWh model capable of around 260 miles, and the 77kWh managing a whopping WLTP-certified 342 miles of range! Entry-level versions are also expected to have a single rear-mounted motor powering the rear wheels, while the more expensive models are likely to have two motors and four-wheel drive.

Volkswagen id.3 on the move

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Written by Tunde Oyeyode