Have You Heard Of The Crazy Modified Farm Tractor Races In Thailand?

Avatar Tunde Oyeyode | October 27, 2020 60 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

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When we think of vehicle racing in Asia, what comes to mind is the buzzing JDM car scene in Japan…not crazy modified Tractors somewhere in rural Thailand…yes, you read that right.

Modified tractor race in thailand
Thinking about getting on one of these?

Via YouTube channel, CB Media, we watched Chris Bee as he traveled around Southeast Asia exploring the culture with a focus on automobiles and motorsport. What got our attention was the dirty tractor racing in a rural town four hours north of Bangkok.

The races usually take place in mud, with the modified tractors. The competition isn’t just about straight-line speed, as the drivers have to pilot the crazy looking contraptions around a loop while trying to stay under control.

Modified tractor race in thailand

 Underneath they’re actually power tillers and those paddle wheels keep the setups from dragging mud around, while the large fairings prevent both the driver and the engine from being drowned in flying mud…the function in the madness. Now this is not different from your average Lamborghini with its crazy but functional vents and lines.

You can watch the video of one of the races here.

Now you can add to your list of mind boggling automotive events out there. Looks like a lot of fun though

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Written by Tunde Oyeyode