HUMMER might be on its way back…….as an electric power guzzling SUV

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Since the company’s shutdown in 2010, there hasn’t been any other oversize, overly flamboyant, gas guzzling SUV on the road like the wonderfully odd Hummer. 

Gracing our roads with their proud drivers looking down on us as they drove to the petrol stations (something all Hummer drivers are accustomed to, as they make fuel stops every day)………..the Green peace eco-mentalists hated them. 

Hummer H2

Now GM is reportedly thinking of bringing the gas-guzzling behemoth back to our roads, this time as an electric off-road cruiser……that is if it makes it beyond early discussions.  

Taking a close look at the American car market, it’s obvious GMC doesn’t have a proper high riding off-road vehicle since it killed off Hummer. 

With the world going electric and everyone constantly talking about emissions and the jolly polar bears, all car companies are trying to make electric car variants for their line up and GM’s rivals Ford and JEEP are far ahead in this race with the Rivian Pick up truck and a possible Wrangler with an electric drive train for the latter. 

Rivian  Truck

According to General Motors President Mark Reuss, he’s not sure of a possible rebirth of the Hummer, but it might be in the cards. Right now their biggest priority is the production of an electric Cadillac SUV slated for 2021 0r 2022……more silent vehicles to drive. 

He said after the release of the Caddy, then they’ll fully consider giving the Hummer a rebirth. 

Maybe we’ll finally see a Hummer that has lower emissions than a Prius……..end times people!

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Written by Tunde Oyeyode