Hyundai working on a Super car?!

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We all know Hyundai as that Korean car company with the neatly but controversially designed fuel-efficient cars built for city driving, the type of cars you buy before upgrading to a Lexus. So when we heard that they were enrolee to built their own electric supercar, we went berserk!

Over the past few years, we’ve seen them slowly ease into the performance car market most especially with the i30N, the little hatchback with a bulldog of an engine and performance reminiscent of the 1st gen Volkswagen Golf performance we all fell in love with.

Hyundai i30N

But jumping from mid-range fun performance hatchback to an electric supercar is quite a big leap, to be honest, and yeah we know they have been building their racing pedigree in word rally cross races and all…it is enough?

These days everyone’s making a supercar, companies with names better suited to the GTA universe. Names like Aspark, Zenvo, Arrinera, Saleen, Tramontana, the list goes on. It’s so easy, a big engine, a super light body and looks fit for a 9year olds wall poster….heck even Innoson can pull it off.

Aspark owl

The huge drawback is that most of these cars are unreliable, catching fire on long trips or just a whiff of some sun………dubbing them the nickname “Widowmakers”.

Thankfully, Hyundai is not a low volume car maker………they are the fourth largest automaker in the world behind Volkswagen and Toyota, you don’t get there by breaking down all long.

Hyundai acknowledging that they’re novices in the electric supercar game have invested in Rimac, the Croatian nutters in exchange for EV expertise. And experts they are! Their latest car produces 1914 horsepower, more than the Bugatti Chiron.


Ps. Hyundai and KIA are spending around $90 million!

Can’t wait to see the end product of this investment.

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Written by Tunde Oyeyode