Inside Snoop Dogg’s Unique Car Collection

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Snoop Dogg has we all know is a popular rapper, not only that, he is a song writer, producer. presenter, an actor, director, sport’s coach, winemaker and an entrepreneur. He’s not one to allow the grass to develop, well, he could be doing a little bit of that too.

One of the things you might not know about Snoop Dogg is his unique car collection. In a life that is brimming with change and development, notwithstanding a constant, cars! One of his maxims “if the ride is more fly, then you must buy” and so he has done over time.

PS: Almost all Snoop Dogg’s cars have been customized by a man called Big Slice, a former crack dealer who has turned car customization into an art form.

This article will be showing you an inside on Snoop Dogg’s Unique car collection.

Cadillac de Ville ‘Brown Sugar’ (1967)

Talking about being on a low and restriction, this car is none. The most absolute single hip-jump thing ever. Having a metallic brown caddy with chandeliers over the back seat. With the trunk including a design portraying Snoop Dogg and his two sons. The car has Snoop Dogg decorated over the front of its hood. In reality, where most famous people are edgy to travel undercover, you need to give it up for the man who is elated to announce his presence. This car is so amazing and has been on display at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit.

Pontiac Parisienne ‘Lakers Edition’ (1966)

This excellence comes touched with a level of grief. In 2016, when the late Kobe Bryant retired, Lakers fan Snoop gave him his superb Lakers themed yellow and purple Pontiac Parisienne and a hood embellished with a portion of the team’s all time greats. The car likewise include a hydraulic system fitted in the trunk, permitting the car’s riding level to hop up and down.

Buick Riviera 1968

Snoop Dogg has two exemplary Buick Rivieras, this 1968 form is the second era of the car and is more extensive, longer, 200lb heavier than the first and having pink wheels. It also featured on the Snoop’s music video “vato“, with a decal on the hood showing an image of Snoop with his wife and baby girl, under the words “Me and my girls” and “Dogg’s Angels”.

Cadillac Snoop de Ville Lowrider (1974)

Snoop Dogg is notable for his adoration of Lowrider culture and this car with its lime-green paint work, lemon trim and lime-green wheel rims is surely attractive. It is also available in remote control toy form. In 1990s, it was adopted by Eazy-E and Dr. Dre in the hip-hop circles in LA.

Ford Mustang GT Funkmaster Flex Edition (2011)

The car was not only customized by Big Slice but the New York DJ, rapper and producer Funkmaster Flex. It was Ford‘s plan to welcome Flex to customize its Mustang for Snoop and you can tell he did quite good. This supercar is decorated with Baurtwell custom tail lights, a 3-D carbon bodykit and a souped up engine that launches the car from 0.6 in 4.6seconds and as usual has Snoop Dogg written on the wind shied.

Cadillac Coup de Ville (1968)

This one is another top notch creation, other than its unique qualities, there is its decals which portray Snoop, dressed in white with the words “My First Ministry” underneath and “Matthew 6: 9-13” and 2 Corinthians 5: 14-21” written below.

Snoop Chrysler 300C (2006)

This car so famous, it was owned by everybody from Dr. Dre to Barack Obama. Clearly, Snoop needed to make the car his own – Big Slice at his beck and call. So, he had it brought down, added chrome edges, blacked out tail lights and windows and the word “DUB” spread all around the trunk and windows. Snoop got this car when he was employed as a representative to promote Chryslers during the 2000s and as a badge of appreciation, the organization compensated him with its Chrysler 300C.

Tesla Model X (2017)

In March 2017, Snoop Dogg tweeted “Tesla just dropped off my new ride” Snoop embraced the electric car with excitement. It is anything but difficult to be dazzled by this form of the Model X, complete with 22-inch malt-dark onyx wheels, black leather seats with an ash wood interior, falcon-wing doors, air purifier, autopilot and 17-inch touchscreen. Mind you, Snoop likewise had the car fitted with 6 seats, for his wife and 4 kids (How sweet…).

Rowland Heights School Bus

This is another Big Slice’s awesome work. In 2004, Snoop Dogg coached the Rowland Heights Raiders football team in LA and had Big Slice buy a dilapidated school bus for $4,500. Slice during what he knows best, kit it out in Oakland Raiders silver and black, fitting it with 27 video screens, 70 speakers, 2 DVD players, a Pounce 90,000 stereo and VHS player. The bus featured on its side, a large picture of someone throwing a football (you might never know who).

Polaris Slingshot – The Batman (2015)

What is more, presently for something this unique. This saucy minimal three-wheeler is a long way from your average Reliant Robin. For starters, the single wheel is at the back, it’s also nippy, energetic, fun and at $26,000 is a reasonable degree less expensive than the greater part of Snoop’s unique car collection. It boasts a 2.4-litre EcoTec engine turning out 173bhp, which isn’t bad for a 1,743lb car. It has got a tilt-adjustable steering wheel, side by side bucked seats and has been customized (deffo!) with a chrome blue paint job and a blinking purple and blue dashboard. Snoop Dogg calls it The Batmobile.

Sigh! even with this amazing unique car collection, Snoop Dogg being who he is would definitely be adding more supercars to his car collection over time.

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Written by Catherine Aigbe