Is the Tiguan a perfect allrounder?

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The Volkswagen Tiguan might look like another everyday European crossover built just for the sake of making money in the already booming SUV market, but is it? Is it good enough for our jungle-like Nigerian roads with their unpredictable conditions? 

Bad ROAD in Nigeria

We think so. 

A Quick background check 

Volkswagen Tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan has been around since 2007, already in its second generation and also regarded as a market success with over 700,000 units sold in its first year of existence.

Loosely based on its hatchback city cruiser young bro the Tiguan also shares the same engines with the Golf…….looks also. 

Why go for a high riding Volkswagen Golf? 

Before you start making the sly judgements, the Tiguan uses the same economical 2.0L turbo 4 cylinder engine like the humble Golf……plus its 4 wheel drive! Bring on your jungle like terrain Lagos!

Volkswagen Tiguan engine

Not a Rolls Inside

Duh! But it feels undeniably German with a sporty but firm and comfortable ride. Equipped with features that one would appreciate even by today’s standards from Bluetooth connectivity to a touchscreen infotainment screen. 

Not as spacious as a Rolls, but it good enough for 5 passengers sitting comfortably on long trips, the boot space is quite modest……at least you can fit a man comfortably in there.

Should i get one? 

Bad roads, flooded roads, day-long traffic jams and open roads sometimes. If you go through stuff like this in your daily commute, then the Tiguan might just be the perfect ride for you. 

Ps. You won’t be winning any drag races but you’ll be saving a lot at the pumps so stay in your lane and cruise. 

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Written by Tunde Oyeyode