Most Expensive Cars in Nigeria Right Now

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If you watch Nigerian news every day, expensive cars are things you’d never associate with Nigeria, unless you live in certain parts of the country.

With that said, there are some ridiculously rare and expensive cars parked in some garages deep in the high-end districts of Lagos and Abuja. You’ve probably seen videos of people driving Lamborghini’s and BMW M3’s through the streets of Maitama.

The cars I’m about to mention would make those entry-level Italian exotics look more like Corollas.

Bugatti Veyron.

Red and black Bugatti Veyron in Abuja with an SLR McLaren and a Lexus LFA parked at the back.

Unveiled to the world in 2005 at a starting price of around a million pounds. This was the fastest car in the world at the time with a top speed of over 400kph thanks to its quad-turbo (4 turbochargers) 8.0L W16 engine which pumps out about 987hp and 1200hp in the Supersport variant.

Here is a video of the Veyron doing over 400kph.

Asides the massive top speed, the Veyron was a full on luxury with essential features expected of a car from 2005 and it was also capable of being used as a daily driver.

The interior of a Bugatti Veyron.

Unlike other cars that depreciate as the years progress, the price of the Veyron will keep going up as it’s now a collectors car with a current value of around $2million to $3million depending on the variant.

Mercedes SLR McLaren.

A silver 2007 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition
2007 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition – Source –

This beastly sounding Mercedes came from the era of the McLaren-Mercedes Formula one partnership. It was supposed to be the successor to the iconic 300SL from the 1950s.

It has a 5.4L Supercharged V8 which generated a massive 630hp and a top speed of around 340kph. At full throttle, it would empty its 99Litre fuel tank in under 10 minutes! Gas guzzler, the Hummer would be proud.

SLR McLaren engine bay

Production ran from 2003 to 2009 with a starting price of about $300,000 and good used ones still go for around that same price, though special aftermarket editions are now selling for as high as $500,000 and $800,000 and above for the 722 Editions (excluding shipping and import duties).

Mansory Lamborghini Aventador.

Green Mansory lamborghini aventador at a petrol station.
Photo taken by Tunde Oyeyode (malik_bto)

What’s an expensive car list without an overly flamboyant Italian supercar. The Aventador is the current flagship car of Lamborghini with a hefty price tag of around $400,000…already ridiculously expensive yeah?

What makes the Aventador so special asides its exterior and interior design is its engineering. it’s naturally aspirated 6.5L V12 produces around 700hp without any forced induction.

Mansory Edition Lamborghini Aventador with a rolls royce phantom drophead in the background at Eko Atlantic, Lagos.
Mansory Edition Lamborghini Aventador at Eko Atlantic.

The Mansory Edition by aftermarket tuning company ‘Mansory’ boosts the power output to over 750hp thanks to a few bespoke parts and aerodynamic focused carbon fibre body kits…all this takes the price to over $550,000 (excluding shipping and import duties).

Mercedes 300SL.

Mercedes 300SL at a musuem

The oldest car on this list, the 300SL was the fastest car in the world in 1951 with its 240hp 3Litre straight 6 and a top speed of 263kph…which was outrageous for the time.

rear of grey mercedes 300sl with jets in the background.
Source – Motor Biscuit

Plus it had gullwing doors which were a necessity due to its tube frame chassis. Today 300SLs are highly priced collector’s items with prices going as high as $2 to $4million at auctions and unrestored rusty ones can go for as high as $800,000.

In this Tayo Aina films video you will find a rusty unrestored Mercedes 190SL…a hidden gem

Ps. There are less than 1500 300SLs in the world. The smaller and less powerful boulevard cruiser 190SL might be a not so cheaper alternative to the 300SL with an average price tag of around $300,000 and over $400,000 for the pristine ones (excluding shipping and import duties).

Brabus Cars.

white Brabus 760 at bimmerfest at tafawa balewa square
Brabus S760 at Bimmerfest.

Brabus is the ultra luxury aftermarket tuner of Mercedes-Benz, they buy the car for you or take your current Mercedes car and your money and then go on to revamp it to even higher levels of luxury and performance.

The average Brabus Mercedes has a power output of around 700hp and that’s just being modest. The prices usually vary depending on the owner’s choice of trim and interior pieces.

black Brabus G700 at Bimmerfest at tafawa balewa square
Brabus G700

There are a huge number of Brabus SUVs in Lagos especially, we got our hands on these a while back.

The average price of modern-day Brabus Mercs are usually around $300,000.

There is a huge number of exotic cars lurking in Nigeria, sadly their owners prefer to keep them hidden for reasons only known to them and we would rather not mention most of the owners of these current crop of cars that we’ve come across.

Please note that these are cars that we’ve come across and have confirmation that they are in the country.

Remember, you also have to factor in shipping prices and import duties.

Incase you’re wondering how much these cars are in Naira, check this link and convert.

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Written by Tunde Oyeyode