Pandemic: European Airlines slash prices to attract air passengers

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The Pandemic crisis has put a pause on travel for a while. European Airlines are slashing prices to attract passengers. The travel limitation was embraced by numerous countries to hinder the spread of the virus. This has put airlines to a near stop for months and while travel kicked off after, it’s tumbling off once more.

As indicated by Eurocontrol, which directs the traffic in Europe, air traffic has been slowed down over the recent weeks. With a massive drop compared to a year ago (over 55%). Due to this, the Eurocontrol is currently pessimistic about a recuperation for European aircraft. The pandemic has left airlines penniless for a while. Hence, they have started to slash passenger’s prices.

A German airline

An organization that analyses the travel market, Forwardkeys, reported that the airlines slash prices of passengers from Germany, Europe, the Netherlands, and France to locations in southern Europe by 15% in August compared to how it was the same time last year.

A few weeks ago, EasyJet’s deputy MD France, Reginald Otten said “You have to entice air passengers to return to flying and price is a factor”.

The Ryanair airline is known as one of Europe’s biggest airlines due to its low-cost model, weeks ago, its launched a buy-one-get-one-free promo from the 25th September until 14th December 2020 across 1,600 routes. “Lower prices also stimulate traffic” said Eddie Wilson, head of Ryanair DAC.

Ryanair airline

Recently, the European aircrafts urge the national capitals to facilitate measures to restrict the spread of the malady with the current restriction stumbling a return to normal travel in the Europe.

Asides from the price slash, aircrafts are moving forward into other profitable path. Hopefully, the travel restrictions, testing measures and tight isolation do not impede this effort and arrangements.

We hope to get the European aircrafts back on its feet as soon as possible without the pandemic or price slash restricting travel.

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Written by Catherine Aigbe