Should You Consider The 2021 Toyota Venza?

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Toyota’s two-row crossover “The Venza” is back and this time it’s a macho looking hybrid, a design path most automakers are trying to take with their high riding SUVs.

2021 toyota venza in showroom

The Venza slots between the not so small RAV4 and the larger three-row Highlander. Yes, you read that right, the Toyota Venza is now largely based on the RAV4 though they share no resemblance thanks to its fast sloping roofline.

2021 toyota venza back

What’s New In This Model?

The newly redesigned Venza is going to be a full-on hybrid! All models on the Venza lineup will be hybrids. A 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine and three electric motors which develop a combined total of 219 horsepower to an All-wheel drivetrain: One of the electric motors powers the rear wheels while the engine and the other two motors power the front wheels.

2021 toyota venza rear in a showroom

A bit under powered for a car in 2021 don’t you think?

Toyota claims the Venza would be able to do 40mpg (5 litres per kilometer) thanks to its hybrid power train. This should be great for Lagos traffic.

Asides standard features we’ve grown accustomed to in modern-day cars like lane keep assist, self-closing trunks, and the wonderful adaptive cruise control, the one that really excites us about the new Venza is the electrochromic panoramic roof, something we only see on some Mercedes Benz models.

2021 toyota venza rear in a showroom

Anyway, Toyota calls it Star Gaze. At the flip of a switch, the glass roof goes from transparent to opaque. Star Gaze is a cool name…unless you decide to use the feature on a sunny day.

2021 toyota venza infotainment screen.

The 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system is a highly welcome addition. It can be adjusted to show various multiple pieces of information simultaneously. The displayed navigation or controls can easily be swapped between driver and front passenger control with the swipe of a finger. It also comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, an upgraded JBL sound system and a panoramic parking camera.

The new Toyota Venza looks really good on paper and judging from the past models, it will be a hit. Our big question is if people would consider getting them on this side of the world.

Hybrids are still a hit or miss over here when it comes to maintenance as most vehicle technicians are not fully accustomed to them ad there’s the big question of reliability. The Avalon hybrid has other answers to that.

The current generation Toyota Venza has been a big hit in Nigeria over the years, would you consider the 2021 Venza when it arrives later this year?

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271 Views 4.25 On 4 Ratings Rate it

Written by Tunde Oyeyode