Something small? Under 1.5?

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You’re in the market for something small, modern, affordable, with great gas mileage and looks that don’t make you look like a dead guy.

No worries, we’re here to guide towards the best small cars available in the Nigerian used car market.

Straight to it! Here are two cars we would drive if we wanted something on the petite side.

1. The 2014 Kia Picanto

kia picanto

With its tiny 84hp 1.2L four-banger, it’s not what you’d call powerful…………though it’s more powerful and peppy compared to its 64hp 1.0L engine twin.

picanto engine

Expect superb gas mileage and affordable servicing costs, this being a KIA, you won’t be friends with the mechanic thanks to its almost bulletproof reliability.

This being an entry-level city don’t expect leather seats and a banging stereo………it doesn’t bang but its quite good, KIA should have outsourced this to a reputable name like Sony or JBL. Either way, if you’re an audiophile just budget for some minor speaker upgrades.

It’s not practical unless you fold the rear seats…… much for hanging with the guys. The boot space is just good enough for one travel bag, maybe two if you squeeze…….look away now if you’re a hitman.

Overall, this is a great city car with its tiny width, length, and good turning circle……….don’t go over 110kph and you should be alright.

Ps. it’ll be a while before you reach that speed so no worries.

2. The 2014 Hyundai i10

hyundai i10

Slightly priced higher than the Picanto and I’m sure the car enthusiasts are already screaming “rebadged Picanto!” Yes, they’re right but the Hyundai was more refined, less engine noise, more standard equipment and 2 more horsepower in the 1.2L 4 banger………hello drag strip.

Interior space? yeah! good enough for tall passengers even on long hauls, thanks to a slightly but significantly higher roof line. Sadly this is not the same for the boot space, to achieve that city car status, the little Hyundai had to sacrifice some boot space…….not good enough if you’re the travelling or better still, the shopping kinda person.

With it’s cute and well put together looks, the Hyundai looks like it was built to last and it will.

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77 Views 0 Ratings Rate it

Written by Tunde Oyeyode