Stuff You Should Know About Boeing In 2020

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Boeing is a United state-based company known worldwide for its numerous commercial jet fleets which includes the 787, 747, and 771.
They deal in designing and manufacturing aircraft which are sold to commercial airlines, private and government organizations.
Although, some people might have vast knowledge about Boeing. Here are some things you should know about Boeing in 2020.

Fired CEO

 Dennis Muilenburg, boeing fired ceo
Dennis Muilenburg

Boeing fired its formal CEO Dennis Muilenburg after the two fatal airplane crash blamed on a flawed software program and poor oversight.
The new CEO, David Calhoun was welcomed onboard January 2020.
PS: The ex CEO was denied severance but still walked away with $80.7 million.

End Of The 747

First Boeing 747 from 1968
First Boeing 747 from 1968 – Source –

The Boeing’s Iconic four-engine 747 aircraft is said to be discontinued after over 50 years, this is due to the severity of the pandemics’ impact on the aviation sector.
The Boeing 77X is said to replace the 747 jumbo jet which is a $442 million airliner.

Still At The Top

Boeing parked fleet
Boeing fleet

Boeing still ranks the world’s largest aerospace company in terms of total revenue in 2020. It has an annual revenue of $93.39 billion. Its ubiquitous 737 airplane model has carried more than 16.8 billion passengers (Two times the world’s population!)

737 MAX 8 Comeback

Boeing 737 Max 8  grounded fleet
Boeing 737 Max 8 grounded fleet

The Boeing’s 737 max that crashed and killed 346 people will soon be taking passengers again, as it completes recertification to fly after over a year of repair work by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Largest Building In The World

Boeing Building Washington
Boeing Building Washington – source –

Boeing Everett which is located in Washington DC is still the largest building in the world. It was recorded in the 2020 Guinness book with a volume of 472 million cubic feet (13.3 million cubic meters), It spans a massive 98.7 acres.
The Boeing’s Everette factory is equivalent to a small city having its own medical clinic, water treatment plant, security, and electrical substances.

That’s all we have for now. Also, here are some Stuff You Should Know Before Driving On The Highway.


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Written by Catherine Aigbe