Stuff You Should Know Before Driving On The Highway.

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We know driving on the highway as a first time driver might not seem like the easiest of things to do compared to driving on the local roads or on your street. Which is common for new drivers before they gain more experience to embark unto the highway.
The whole process can be irksome and if your first time on the highway is sore, you might never want to drive again. No one wants that happening!

As soon as a first time driver is prepared to go on the highway, being completely ready would help such driver to be able to make a safe and sleek transition from the the local roads to the interstate.

Here are some of the things that first time drivers should know before driving on the highway.

Choose a Safe Place and Time

Pacific  coast highway

For first time drivers on the highway, you need to choose a safe location and time convenient for you.
You don’t want to drive on the highway full of cars for the first time, choose a safe place and time with fewer drivers on the road, and don’t forget to check the weather forecast.

Stay Calm and Composed

calm drive

As a first time driver, being on the highway can really be nerve-racking, as much as it can be, driving also requires a level of maturity. Learn to ignore when someone cuts you off on the highway (Danfo drivers) or does something not cool to you, it could just be a mistake or one of those bad days for the driver.
“Drivers are not perfect,” says Michael Soubirous who is the writer for a column in a local newspaper titled “On the Road

Start on the Right Lane (Service Lane)

driving on the highway

As a first time driver on the open road, driving on the right lane is a safe and convenient lane too. Amateur drivers do not have any concern driving on the left lane which is meant for passing (driving fast…wink). Staying in the right lane will help you focus on the road.

Changing Lanes

highway driving

Having lots of space between your car and another car on the highway is key to managing a lane change. A 2-second space between your car and the one in front would help you maneuver without any form of a collision on the highway. As you do so, you should also routinely check in your side view, the rare view mirror, and blind spot before changing lanes. Make sure you use your turn signals.

Maintain Focus

using the Phone while driving
Don’t lose concentration!

Being a first-time driver, you do not need any distractions at all. Stay focused and avoid distractions like using your phone, talking to a friend, or doing something else while driving.

Use Your Turn Signals Always

turn signal light on a volkswagen golf
Those bright orange lights? They mean something!

It is very important to use turn signals, this is a way of communicating with other drivers without saying a single word. When the turn signals are not used, it can create problems on the road…like accidents.

With these few points, its time to hit the road and conquer! Or do whatever it is you do.

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Written by Catherine Aigbe