Teen Driving a Audi Crashes Into a House With The Front Door Lodged In Its Windscreen

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Looking at the headline, this isn’t so much of a news honestly because we get to hear poo stories like this happen a lot. To think this young gentleman (LOL not so gentle now for pulling this crap up though) is 18 years of age and the incident happened at night.

It was confirmed that his Audi collided with another car before hitting the front porch of a house, despite this, he continued driving extra miles with the house door stuck in his vehicle’s windscreen…Yeah right! blame it on something other than your own actions.

Motorist crashes into West Yorkshire house and drives off with front door  lodged in windscreen | UK News | Sky News
Front door of a house stuck in Audi”s windscreen

The West Yorkshire Police were called to Dewsbury where the incident happened at 7:43pm on Friday. The young ‘gentle’ man was arrested on the suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (hahaha we been knew actually). PS: Stay away from this shit!

He was taken to the hospital with injuries on his head but is thought not to be so serious, says the police. West Yorkshire Police went on to tweet about this on Twitter alongside with a photo of the house door lodged in the windscreen of the Audi.

Investigation is still ongoing about what really transpired and anyone who witnessed the crash is asked to contact the West Yorkshire Police Department.

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Written by Catherine Aigbe