Tesla Cybertruck, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

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Tesla Cybertruck has been a huge talking point since its release a few days ago, from its bold design to its public demonstrations with a few petrol-powered vehicles and it’s unwanted slip up with the shattered glass (We have an explanation for this).

So sit tight and let’s take a dive into everything that is the Tesla Cybertruck.

The Good.

For a radically designed Tesla pickup to have a starting price of $39,900 (Around N14,000,000 before import duties) that’s a very big steal based on the materials and features the truck boasts of.


The Bad.

The armored glass getting shattered in the live demonstration gained more headline attention than the truck itself, though people didn’t seem bothered, we got thinking why this happened.

Well, for starters, the glass wasn’t fully wound up before the steel ball was thrown at it. For the glass to be fully effective against such forces it has to be fully fastened, sadly this is a detail that most news outlets decided to overlook.

Watch an explanatory video here

We all saw a video of the truck in a tug of war with a supposedly ‘equivalent’ Ford F-150. What Tesla failed to mention was that this particular Ford F-150 was a rear-wheel-drive version and the Cybertruck used was significantly heavier than the F-150. From the onset, it was a major mismatch.


Don’t forget the video of the Cybertruck racing a Porshe 911, it blitzed it….well duh?! This was already a mismatch, the standard Porsche 911 produces around 400hp and the Cybertruck racing it was probably the one with the Trimotor layout which would be producing well over 600hp.

One thing electric car buffs fail to tell us is that most EVs are great for acceleration especially in quarter-mile drag races which are most suited for this. But once you make the race longer…..well, just see for yourself.

The Cybertruck might not sway actual truck owners. I mean, it was built for people who use pickup trucks right? Tesla says they’ve revolutionized the by using a unibody chassis and air suspension…what? Laughs in truck driver! Pickup trucks are designed for serious abuse, carrying heavy loads on their beds, towing things and many more.

Dodge Ram

The reason why the Ford F-150 is a best seller around the world is because it ticked all these boxes, even Premium car manufacturer, Mercedes Benz, utilized a body on frame chassis on their pick up offering – the X-class.

Mercedes Xclass

The body on frame chassis coupled with heavy-duty coil-over suspensions means the pick up best suited for all scenarios thrown at it, be it offroad journeys, highway cruises while hauling a 4-tonne trailer. Air suspensions are better suited in luxury SUVs such as the Range Rover.

Range Rover Vogue

The Range! Sounds great right? The cybertruck offers a range of about 400km in the base version to as much as 800km in the top-end model which is awesome till start to factor in real-life scenarios. The range will take a massive dip the moment you start doing pickup truck stuff.

Toyota Tacoma with Bikes on the back

The top-end model boasts of a 2.9 second 0 to 100kph time, crazy right? The potential pick up buyer thinks otherwise. If I wanted something fast I’d buy a model S or a model 3 performance, not a 3 tonne pick up.

Tesla Model S

There’s a reason why the Henessy Ford Raptor isn’t a best seller.

The Ugly.

I don’t know about you but that truck isn’t much of looker, I find myself staring at it not because of its beauty but the design, it truly baffles me, a bold yet so odd-looking vehicle.

Think of this, this truck would look out of place next to a Ferrari California GTO, heck it looks out of place next to any car. Design-wise, it’s a marvel, you find yourself asking why? how? I can spend a whole day talking about the design and still end with the question ‘why?’

It looks like it belongs in an art gallery.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re all big fans of Teslas at the MotionTown office, but what the fudge?

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Written by Tunde Oyeyode