Ways To Keep Your Car Cool On a Hot Day

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The oppressive heat that awaits you when you open your car after a long day of sitting in the sun is undoubtedly unbearable. Getting your car off as soon as possible especially when you’re rushing somewhere can be a pain…try gripping that scorching steering wheel.

The Lagos sun constantly smiling at your pain. This hot temperature can be very uneasy, dangerous for you and can also cause damage to the interior components of your car.

Rolling The Windows Down

Car with window rolled down.
Roll the windows down

Rolling the windows down for a few minutes before you drive can go a long way into reducing the heat. It lowers the temperature slightly but not so much.

Blasting the A/C

AC on full blast
Putting the AC on full blast

Depending on what car you drive, putting the Air conditioner on full blast could be the difference between having a nice trip or a pretty hot one. Try using the air recirculation feature too, this will help to get the hot air out faster, or briefly roll your windows down for the hot air to seep out.

Car Fanning

door fanning
Remember, you might look like a crackhead

Fanning your car by swinging your car door back and forth while leaving the other doors open. It helps to pump cool air out of the car. You might look crazy while doing this…but who cares what others think right?

In conclusion, these are some of the best ways to quickly cool your car down for driving off.

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Written by Catherine Aigbe