The Perfect Cars For a Flooded City

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With the continuous flooding problems in Lagos and other cities across the country, driving around in a low slung sedan doesn’t seem like a good option, especially when you live in Lagos. Yes, the whole of Lagos looks similar to the Lagoon that flows through it when the clouds open up.

Instead of locking yourself in during this odd rainy season, here are some vehicles we think you should consider in this bizarre time of ours.

Jeep Wrangler.

jeep wrangler

It has been the number one go-to vehicle for the Americans since the first world war, fast forward to 2019, it’s now an affordable go anywhere high riding family hauler with huge chunky tires capable of traversing any mini pond thrown at it.

Suzuki Jimny.

suzuki jimny

The smallest vehicle in this segment and probably the best too. Size-wise it works very well as a city car, coupled with its skinny tires, tiny but peppy engine and exceptional ride height, the Jimny is the perfect vehicle for the young man living in a flood hazard of a city. Plus its got great gas mileage….good luck with the manual transmission though.

Mercedes Gwagon


Another vehicle with military heritage, though on the expensive side, the Gwagon might just be the perfect offroader with its luxury bits and pieces.

Wading through murky waters as you listen to some Burna boy with your butt sitting cozy on some Nappa leather. All Gwagons are Schokl approved – yes they were driven up to a mountain to prove a point. And lets not even start with the power…….oh the pawaaahh.

Overall, it’ll eat up any terrain thrown at it.

Thinking of an unorthodox option?

Volkswagen Schwimmwagen

Volkswagen Schwimmwagen

Created by Ferdinand Porsche for the German Army in WWII. in 1941 for better amphibious mobility. It was powered by a 1.2-liter air-cooled flat-four, which also drove a single propeller.

Volkswagen Schwimmwagen

The amphibious car used the front wheels as rudders when in the water. On land, the propeller would swing up, disengaging it from the engine. The Schwimmwagen was heavy and slow but had good traction off-road.

With those retro looks, you’ll be sure to turn some heads! Though a video of you driving into the Lagos lagoon at rush hour will be enough to have you trending for a whole week.

Terra Wind Motorhome.

 Terra Wind Motorhome.

Stay with me, why try to beat the flooded streets when you can beat the traffic by sleeping on the service lane or on the lagoon? Your choice.

In September 2004, commercial pilot John Giljam built an amphibious motor home that cost $1.2 million – like 8 Gwagons and it is 42 feet long (Not inner city-friendly then).

Powered by a rear-mounted 330-hp diesel engine, the all-aluminum bodied home on wheels uses two propellers and two rudders when it’s floating. It has two inflatable pontoons on its sides for stability but can travel on water without them.

If you can afford this, we’d advise you just get a helicopter instead.

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Written by Tunde Oyeyode