The Storm Got Nothing On This Lamborghini Huranca Spyder, Speeds Through The Flooded Road

Avatar Catherine Aigbe | December 1, 2020 46 Views 3 Likes 2.79 On 7 Ratings

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The Lamborghini Huranca Spyder is a supercar but then again man! the driver is bold. You can’t try this on the streets of Lagos though, where would such confidence come from? Is it the thought of the wrecked roads or the frustrated Danfo drivers? I am sure Lamborghini owners in Lagos, put their cars in a museum and pamper them more than they would do for themselves (haha! just kidding).

A short video of the scene;

On a lighter note though, it truly shouldn’t make any difference how expensive of the vehicle you are in or where the car engine is. Attempting to pass through a flooded road is a truly poorly conceived notion, well, except if you are in something monstrous like an uncompromising pickup or a vehicle with an extremely high ground leeway- that was risky! All thanks to the mid-engine design, the Lambo had the option to furrow a lead, looking unintentional.

The Tropical storm Eta has been terrible in South Florida over the past weeks but it was particularly terrible in Miami where this Lamborghini Huranca Spyder was videoed driving through the flooded waters almost submerged.

It wasn’t the first Lambo to pull off this stunt, a Lamborghini Gallardo in San Diego did same thing. Here is a video shot of the event;

There were other cars who made their way through the flooded water as seen in the video. You can likewise perceive how much destruction the storm caused in Miami. Certain cars similar to this mini vehicle had to be towed.

Driving in the storm is not the most favorable idea or even close to. Flooded waters should approach pivoting quickly and looking for a safe parking spot or a possibly route where you don’t have to submerge your car…Readers do not try this.

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46 Views 2.79 On 7 Ratings Rate it

Written by Catherine Aigbe