The World’s Largest Motorcycle Isn’t Here For Games

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I suppose numerous people in the world, well, alongside myself have got a thing or two for the biggest things. Be it the world’s largest feet or the world’s largest doughnut…The fact that these things have little or no significance but we still love to see or hear of them says a lot. Honestly, that is how I feel right now about the world’s largest motorcycle.

The Tower Trike, so they call it. To think this motorcycle is revoltingly gigantic and likewise, sort of resists the true meaning of a motorcycle (It has four wheels) makes it even more fun.

Driving the world’s largest motorcycle

Apparently, the master mind behind this motorcycle is Jim Gesto– may we give a standing ovation please? I guess he got so fed up of having near calamities on his motorcycle that he chose to create something as scary as this- with the aim of intimidating the other riders of course! It just resembles when the bullied kid gets truly courageous during the holiday, resumes school and gets authority over his domineering jerks.

This super massive motorcycle has got 1100ft-1bs of torque originating from 2-stroke supercharged engine. While its original form is restricted to around 84mph. Gesto is expecting to make and sell these toys at $90,000 and aims to hit 100mph. It looks like when a semi motorcycle and a semi truck birth a child… hmm yes exactly, that kind of thing.

If Trikes Are Bikes, then This is News - News

Let’s give it up for this development though, its gigantic nature and all- this is quite clever. To make something this large work, it sure did take a load of determination and hard work. Bicycles and bikes might run you over but imagine if this thing does…sigh! okay, too many bad thoughts here.

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Written by Catherine Aigbe