Things To Keep You Sane While Driving In Lagos

Avatar Tunde Oyeyode | January 24, 2020 57 Views 1 Like 4.33 On 3 Ratings

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Driving in Lagos these days can be overwhelming with unpredictable traffic jams, borderline insane drivers and traffic officials who lack logic.

If you’re a normal law-abiding citizen who likes sanity and a nice cruising drive then Lagos is obviously a nightmare, every day comes with the potential of you getting your car scratched or worse, being involved in a traffic accident. (Nobody wants to be the subject of “Bobo yen lo lazzdent”)

A bid to keep you cool while making your journey through this concrete jungle of a city, we have some pointers on how you can keep your cool as you make your way around in the daily commute.

Listen to Podcasts.

Listening to podcasts in car

Podcasts really make a big change in the driving experience as you feel like you’re in an interactive session with the host which takes your mind away from the chaos happening around you. In long traffic situations, you’ll feel unfazed as you have a long list of podcasts waiting for you.

Music, Good Music!

Listening to music

Yes, an awesome playlist can be the difference between a peaceful drive and a frustrating one. Thankfully we have a few playlists just for the Lasgidi drive home created by our very own Kasai.

Sing along if you can, it lifts the spirit!

Get Some Munchies.

Poeple hawking in traffic

For the foodies on here, Gala and LaCasera maybe? Or some groundnuts? Popcorn? Plantain chips? Thankfully the Lagos road network is one giant supermarket that caters to everyone’s needs from food to various household items…yes, household items.

Hopefully, these few pointers are enough to keep you going on your daily commute.

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57 Views 4.33 On 3 Ratings Rate it

Written by Tunde Oyeyode