This Guy Bought a Sports Car From Alibaba and Got Something Else

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Buying a car is a big deal, trying to get one online is another ball game, especially when purchasing from a massive Chinese e-commerce website like Alibaba.
Stories that somewhat touch, what you ordered for VS what you got.

Ps; this is not entirely the case for everyone. For example, one guy from Jalopnik, Jason Torchinsky, ordered a tiny golf cart-like electric car from Alibaba and got the exact car…an underwhelming car to be honest.

Jason Torchinsky’s electric car.

Unfortunately, there are so many events on how people ordered a car on Alibaba and ended up getting the exact opposite and even worse.

Here is one that broke the internet some time ago;

A young man who chose to buy a Qiantu K50, an all-electric sports car that was designed in China but was set to be assembled in the United States and once it goes on sale was expected to cost $125,000.

Qiantu K50 at a car show
Qiantu K50 electric sports car.

He saw what seemed to be the exact same car on Alibaba for $31,000 (That’s a whole lot of slash in price…bargain?!)
Well, after Alibaba got so many threats and YouTube videos tarnishing their image, he got a partial refund from the seller… In this case, half bread is better than none.

The lesson from this is, one should be cautious about buying a whole car from Alibaba or any website without having a physical inspection.

Here’s what you should look out for when buying a car in Nigeria.


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Written by Catherine Aigbe