What Really Is The Cause Of Traffic In Lagos?

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Traffic, a word already synonymous with Lagos state with gridlocks all over the state during rush hour and in some cases during odd hours. Sometimes the jams are difficult to explain defying logic but then again…..almost everything that happens in Nigeria defies logic.

With that said, most of the traffic jams that happen in Lagos look like they aren’t caused by logic-defying phenomena instead the gridlocks are caused by the drivers, bus drivers, officers of the ‘law’, commercial drivers and many more and in this article I’m going to take a dive into it. Let’s go

Terrible Roads.

bad road

We’ve been touching this topic for the past 40 years, it’s 2019 and potholes, uneven road surfaces and falling bridges are still part of the everyday conversation. Stopping every 50 meters to drive around a crevice or creep into it, a 5minute journey quickly turning into a 15minute one.

Traffic Officials.

Lagos traffic officials

FSRC, LASTMA, RRS, Taskforce, SARS, State police and the not so jolly men in black…all on our roads, you’d think Lagos was a traffic-free haven…..pah!

If they’re not bulling you for some mad up traffic offense, they’re wasting your time on the roadside in a bid to get some token amount from you (I’ve been in this situation before). Funny how a huge percentage of the traffic officials unconsciously contribute to the gridlocks in the city from seizing commercial bikes to setting up checkpoints on busy roads.

Lets not even start with police escorts that disrupt traffic during rush hour.

Queue Jumping.

A lot of people are always quick to blame the traffic officials without taking a look at themselves. Yes, a lot of you guys lack driving manners, changing lanes in traffic because you’re a sharp guy, yes you….. I was slipping you the finger last week.

We’re not sure if its indecision or just plain confusion but a lack of planning when driving really affects your travel time and that of your fellow drivers. Just take a look at what happens at Lekki toll gate, this explains it properly.

Commercial Vehicles.

Danfo conductor

Danfo drivers and their ever wayward ways of driving, Napep drivers with their constant need to cause traffic just because and the suicidal Okada riders, no helmets or safety gear but they always feel the need to cut you off at every intersection.

80% of the accidents on the roads are caused by one of these guys, especially the Danfo drivers, it’s funny how no one seemed to acknowledge the fact that the ghastly Otedola bridge accident was caused by a Danfo driver. There are no bus stops in Lagos, you just stand on the roadside and flag down a bus or Napep…..no consideration of the traffic on the road.

And for some reason, the Lastma officials do nothing to them…..sips tea.

Skipping Traffic Lights.

Traffic lights

The use of traffic lights is one of the best ways to control traffic flow around the world, but not in Nigeria. The presence of the big red lights means nothing but “look left and right bro” and move! The “look left and right” philosophy usually causes some form of chaos during rush hour.


Flooded road Lagos

Come the rainy season, it doesn’t matter what vehicle you’re driving, you will feel the ripple effect from your street!

If a drop of water falls from the sky unto 3rd Mainland bridge, the people of VI and Mainland Oworshoki will feel it, just go around and ask.

Impatient Drivers.


Drivers who can’t sit tight in one lane, these guys carry the road on their heads like their lives depended on it. Driving against traffic, changing lanes without using their turn signals because “Never let the enemy know your next move”, they’re usually driving Toyota Corollas.

With all this said, there are still some good law-abiding drivers out there plus we have to commend the RRS for always being there to assist drivers in times of need, hats off to the other officials that actually do their jobs.

If you’re still stuck in traffic, why not try the Motion Town playlist by KasaiMix.

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Written by Tunde Oyeyode