Where can you buy the best fuel?

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As a car owner, buying fuel these days can be a daunting task, especially at rush hour. The long evening queues and the lingering thought of how terrible the fuel might be. 

Everyone’s always avoiding the small fuel stations. They are only patronised by danfo drivers, this points to the fact that fuel from these infamous brands is adulterated and dangerous to engines. 

Well, you might be wrong and here’s why. 

Filling stations use the same type of fuel

Up to a point! All filling stations get their fuel from the same refinery, we’ve all seen oil tankers with different brand logos heading towards the same depot. That’s where the similarities end, as fuel stations are required by law to put additives in their fuel. 

With this said, it is the composition, quality and quantity of the additive that makes the big difference in the final product. 

The Additives 

Fuel usually contains gasoline, ethanol and detergents.

The detergents help to prevent deposits from forming in the engine and it helps to keep the fuel injector unclogged. The fuel which contains more additives like detergents helps reduce the chances of engine wear and thus prolongs the life of the engine. 

Premium filling stations claim to use twice the amount of additives compared to other distributors, maybe that explains the slight difference in fuel prices or maybe they’re just trying to GBA us? 

Sips tea. 

Ethanol is in our fuel

The main difference between terrible fuel and a high-quality vehicle elixir is the amount of ethanol present in the fuel mixture. The larger the percentage of ethanol in the fuel mixture, the more fuel your car burns as you cruise through the city….plus the higher the chances of engine troubles in the future. 

The recommended percentage of ethanol in any fuel mixture is 10%, anything more than that is overkill. 

Try to ask the fuel attendants about the fuel composition so you have an idea of what’s going into your car. For added protection, you could also get fuel injector cleaners……..better safe than never. 

In conclusion 

Drive safe

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Written by Tunde Oyeyode