Who Needs An Exotic Car When You Can Get These Head Turners

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We now live in an era where cars have gotten a bit too conservative, almost zero emphasis on interesting head-turning designs. Gone are the days of fin tails, pop up headlamps, or fancy features like swiveling front passenger seats…great conversation starters at car meets.

Red 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible  in a showroom.
Just look at this beautiful 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible.
Source – JPG cars.

These days, if really you want to stand out, you’d have to get an expensive supercar, do something crazy to your daily driver (here are some ideas), or drive something downright crazy!

That’s where we come in (the crazy part). After spending hours scouring the internet for some of the craziest cars on the planet, we found a few practical ones that would fit every budget and living condition!

Fiat Multipla.

Fiat Multipla driving through backroads  with three passengers in front.
Hideous, but Interesting.

What’s a crazy car list without the absurd looking Italian family cruiser?! Better suited to a 5 year old’s drawing book, it’s only logical to think the designer ‘Roberto Giolito’ was high or this was some sick inside joke…form over function according to him

Stanced Fiat Multipla by Rostislav Prokop.
Stanced Fiat Multipla Render by  Rostislav Prokop

Looks aside, the Multipla is a really spacious and comfortable car to drive. It never really got adopted on this side of the pond, so it’s not that popular in Nigeria. A camouflage wrap or some bright look at me yellow paint would be enough to get some head turns, people will notice you before they look at that Ferrari…ugh, those darn exotics.

Volkswagen Thing and Schwimmwagen.

Grey Volkswagen Thing.

Most people taking the affordable vintage route always go for an old Volkswagen Beetle or Peugeot 504…pahh! Amateurs, we got tired of staring at them in 2005, it’s 2020, they don’t really stand out like that anymore.

But an old German war vehicle? Yeah! How many Type 181 Volkswagens have you ever seen? Exactly!

You can always go for the Type 181 Volkswagen Thing with its excellent fuel economy courtesy of a grossly underpowered 1.5 Litre 4 cylinder engine, and if you live on the Mainland and work on the Island…why not go for the Schwimmwagen? It’s amphibious so you can skip the horrific third mainland rush hour traffic by using the Lagoon.

Volkswagen Schwimmwagen in water
Source – Wikipedia

I give you two weeks before you appear on Instablog and trend for a day or two…depending on what new challenge is happening on the web.

You might have to consider an engine swap if ‘Speed’ is your middle name as the Schwimmwagen only produces a measly 25hp…on par with a souped-up Keke Napep.

A Police Car.

Police cars in Dubai
Not these ones.

Not the Ford Rangers and Toyota Corollas used by our not so humble men in Black nor the extravagant supercars used by the Dubai Police…no!

Ford Crown Victoria Police car with the polie lights on.

Old Ford Crown Victorias and Dodge Charger pursuit cars! Asides having a big V8 under the hood, you have that classic “I’m the law” vibe we all see in Action movies. You’ll definitely turn heads…not sure how the police might react, they might get jealous.

Dodge Charger Pursuit car with a city backdrop.

Goodluck finding one at an auction or where ever it is they sell used police cars.

Range Rover Evoque Cabrio.

Range Rover Evoque Cabrio at the beach.
Source – Autowereld

Why not? The baby Range Rover, with two doors and no roof…you, can’t get any quirkier. If Bobrisky had a spirit vehicle it would be this one!

Range Rover Evoque Cabrio from the back.

Jokes aside, this is the only modern practical car on this list and that says a lot. The Evoque Cabrio has a 240hp 2 Litre 4 cylinder engine…economical and being a Range Rover it’s also pretty luxurious.

Nissan Juke-R.

Nissan Juke-R cornering on a track

The standard Nissan Juke is regarded as hideous by many in the car world, the only reason you would be using one might be because you got it as a gift from your parents or from your spouse who secretly hates you or you went shopping in the dark or you have no taste in cars or anything in fact…Richard Hammond probably hates you and Nissan knows this.

Developed by a motorsport engineering company, RML Group, and built by tuning company, Severn Valley Motorsport, they put a tuned twin-turbo 3.8L V6 from the Legendary Nissan GTR (Godzilla) into the Joke Juke. 690hp in a compact crossover!

Nissan Juke R  from the back on a track.

Before you start having ideas of getting one, your name had better rhyme with Dangote or Bezos or something rich because this powerful hideous monstrosity will set you back a whopping $700,000 minus shipping!

Nissan Juke R engine bay

If the absurd looks don’t turn heads, that glorious Twin turbo V6 will!

Would have mentioned a Hearse, but your family members holding an intervention on you won’t be funny…imagine pulling up to Church in one, might as well wear black overalls for the complete grim reaper package.

Almost all these cars are easily accessible (good luck finding a Schwimwagen on Autotrader), so if you were ever having big ideas…that was the inspiration! Plus with COVID doing a world tour, you’re better off using a car for the daily commute.

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Written by Tunde Oyeyode