Why Hybrids Are Better Off For Nigerians Right Now

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People have been talking a lot about a dive into the electric car scene in Nigeria which is great till you realize how far behind the country is in the Automobile tech scene.

Owning an Electric car in Europe feels like a dream with the silent ride and supercharging stations in key locations so drivers don’t end up stranded 90% of the time, plus electric car owners pay less tax for being nice to the environment.


This sounds really good, till you bring that dream to Nigeria with our poor power supply and a lack of charging stations. Electric car owners would be relegated to a few charging stations (There’s only one we know of in Lagos) or most likely their homes. This sounds like a lot of stress coupled with the headache that comes with living in Lagos”.

So why not get a hybrid then? Electric cars and hybrids have come a long way from looking like hideous monstrosities…

The Gwiz uggghh

to being the ultimate lady magnets….imagine pulling up in a BMW i8, yeah!

BMW i8
BMW i8, look at me… I’m ballin’

Hybrids offer you the best of both worlds with the petrol-powered engine and an electric motor (or a couple in some cases).

Here are some reasons why you should consider a hybrid.

Best of both worlds.

Mercedes Benz E350e
Mercedes Benz E350e Hybrid

Most modern-day hybrids can run on the electric motors in traffic jams or for the daily city commute and for those long-distance travels or for days when you feel like Max Verstappen the Petrol engine is always ready to kick in, the engine and the electric motors work in perfect harmony. And in some cases, the electric motor feels like nitrous boosters during hard acceleration and spirited driving.

For example, this W213 Mercedes Benz E350e generates 208hp from its turbocharged Inline 4 cylinder engine and a 121hp electric motor good for about 50km.

Power Generators.

BMW i3
BMW i3

Some hybrids work solely on electric power only, with the petrol-powered engine working as a power generator to charge the batteries. An example of this is the BMW i3.

Regenerative Braking.

Regenerative braking

A lot of modern-day hybrids use this feature, during braking some scientific witchcraft happens and the car’s batteries get charged in the process.

No Stress

Nigerian Road

Think about it, during fuel scarcity you could just run your car solely on electric power alone, some hybrids also have charging docks on them for times like this. The stress that comes with driving an electric car, doing the maths for the miles covered……really? Lady Donli said “Enjoy your life” so why go through all that when there are thousands of filling stations scattered across the country.

If you’re a nomad like me, what’s the point of getting an electric car when you can’t drive it from Lagos to Edo? Good luck finding one in Benin city.

Electric cars are great if you only drive around in the city without the spontaneous trips.

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30 Views 4.67 On 3 Ratings Rate it

Written by Tunde Oyeyode